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Abstract Paintings

I have heard that the longer an artist keeps painting, the more likely she is to move towards abstraction. Faithful representation matures into memory and evocation of mood. Form, line, and color claim solo time. 



"Summit" 2013 - Oil on Canvas 18 x 24

Summit is an early abstract work, painted over a more realistic mountain landscape which felt too predictable. The feeling of grandeur and exaltation in the revised version delights me.


"Joy" 2014 - Acrylic on Paper 18 x 24

Joy is an experiment in monoprinting layers of acrylic paint on lokta paper.  The final print combines movement and rest on a background of hieroglyphs.

On the Wings of Angels

"On The Wings of Angels" 2016 - Oil on Canvas 30 x 30

On the Wings of Angels suggests faith in the forces which direct and carry us when the future is unclear. 

"Into The Woods" 2015 - Oil on Canvas 30 x 30

My most highly dimensional piece is Into the Woods. I was striving for the feeling of swirling water and dense vegetation, the confusion relieved by a mysterious, beckoning light.

High Horizon

"High Horizon" 2013 - Oil on Canvas 24 x 24

High Horizon is part of a series of landscapes at sunset. I found the sky the most compelling element and duplicated a higher horizon line.

Circle of Life

"Circle Of Life" 2014 - Acrylic on Paper 12 x 12

Circle of Life is an acrylic monoprint. It suggests an ocean bed breeding rich, riotous life. 

"Reaching" 2018 - Oil on Canvas 18 x 24

Reaching was inspired by a poem by Rumi: “On the day you were born, a ladder was set up to help you escape this world.”

"Bond and Free" 2018 - Oil on Canvas 24 x 30

Bond and Free comes from my yoga practice. We take wing between the inhale and exhale, between embrace and release.

Floating World

"Floating World" 2015 - Oil on Canvas 24 x 30

Like Summit, Floating World was once an unsatisfying underpainting. The final version suggests a journey into the unknown.


"Academia" 2020 - Oil on Canvas 30 x 40

Academia is a playful look at the strengths and weaknesses of academe: knowledge is built on previous work, but the foundation may be partial, siloed, even tipsy.

"Traction" 2017 - Acrylic On Wood 12 x 16

Traction was inspired by a scan of the epiretinal membrane which distorted the sight in my left eye. Advances in ophthalmic imaging and surgery salvaged my vision.

"Building Back" 2020 - Oil on Canvas 36 x 36

Building Back was painted during the pandemic, a time of fear and loss but also hope for rebuilding a better world. I donated this series of four large works to the Shelby County Department of Public Health in gratitude for Dr. Alisa Haushaulter’s leadership during the COVID crisis.


"Joy" 2024 - 11 x 14 pastel on sanded paper

After I finished an abstract titled “Freedom” for a class on Existentialism, I embarked on a pendant piece: “Joy.”