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Figure Paintings

Anchoring figures in a landscape: it’s a challenge that works best when I know the subjects well- or when they emerge intuitively (like the Studio Geniuses below).



"Abundance" 2018 - Acrylic & Collage on Board 16 x 20

One of my Studio Geniuses. When I’m having a dry spell, she reminds me that the store of creativity is inexhaustible.


"Intention" 2018 - Acrylic & Collage on Board 16 x 20

Another Studio Genius. She reminds me that inspiration must be channeled. Practice and persistence play a role, too.

Miss Annie

"Miss Annie" 2011 - Oil on Canvas 16 x 20

Portrait of my favorite security guard in our Memphis condo.

Dressing Up

"Dressing Up" 2019 - Oil on Canvas 18 x 24

Our granddaughters Addie and Rosemary are the subjects of this painting. At the time, dressing up was their favorite activity and pink their favorite color. It suggests innocence, imagination, and fun.


"Giggles" 2013 - Oil on Canvas 18 x 24

Our sons Eric and Alan telling jokes after lights-out.

one morning in maine

"One Morning in Maine" 2023 - Oil & Cold Wax Board 16 x 20

My brother Don on his favorite beach.

sea turtles

"Sea Turtle" 2024: 12 x 12 oil on board

Painting animals doesn’t come naturally for me. But when a friend admitted that she’d love a colorful animal portrait for her new house, I couldn’t resist this sea turtle in teal, purple and gold.